This sentence sums up everything that makes up TAUROS. As a brand. As a company. As a wallet manufacturer. It is our fixed star. And it carries all the values that shape our work and our products. No wonder - formulated by none other than the creator of the first wallet with the name TAUROS:

Pat Schneider.


In the beginning I looked around, but couldn't find the wallet I was dreaming of. So I decided to build it myself.

Pat Schneider


The TAUROS company, founded in 2019, is based in Nuremberg in the south of Germany.


TAUROS wallets are the result of a perfect balance of elegant design and outstanding functionality - responsibly manufactured from high-quality, durable materials.


The circumferential frame efficiently protects the credit cards from damage. Despite its slim dimensions, the TAUROS Wallet offers space for up to 20 cards: no other slim wallet on the market is so compact. If required, the highly elastic and durable clip can simply be pushed into the side, this keeps the notes neatly and clearly in place.